All of these pieces are going to be part of the Healing and Transformation show this month. If you would like to be invited to the event or would like a tag on any of these pieces, please let me know! Hope to see you there. __ 1- Be Still 2- It Was Time to Reclaim Her Life 3- Sophie is Open to the Universe 4- Angel Raven Rises Above 5- I Believe I Can Fly 6- Fly 7- Walls 8- Life is a Balance 9- When Life is Hard, Hug a Tree 10 – I Refuse to Sink 11- Isabelle Surrenders to the Universe 12- Holding On and Letting Go 13- It’s OK to Be Where You Are 14- Daisy Deletes . . . . #robinwadejewelryartist #etsymetalteam #etsymetal #sterlingsilverjewelry #etsy #etsyshop #artisanjewelry #naturelovers #handmadejewelry #naturejewellery #etsyoninstagram #angeljewelry #birdjewelry

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