Growing Stronger

Yesterday I made a new piece called “Angel Sean Is Strong”.  It was created around the words of Kahil Gibran  “Out of Suffering Grows The Strongest Souls”.   Powerful eh?  I can already see a few of you feeling a bit uncomfortable.  Suffering?  Who wants to even think about struggle? OK.  It’s not one of my favorite places to be either.  The thing is… I don’t think that one needs to grovel in angst to grow stronger.  I do believe that finding a way through challenge and adversity can definitely temper something deep inside.  I think it’s the process of moving through that makes us stronger.  Maybe it’s how you pull yourself together enough to ask for help.  Or being brave and writing down a plan of who gets what in a divorce.  Every one of us will face struggles throughout our life.  Some will be more painful and challenging than others.  We can choose to curl up and caress that pain or we can get up and start growing through it.  Hopefully along the way we’ll find strength, honesty, empowerment, and maybe even a helping hand.


3 Replies to “Growing Stronger”

  1. That’s soooo true! And the other positive thing about going through a struggle – you often make wonderful new friends along the way.

    Thanks Robin!

  2. Wow that’s powerful and something I kind of needed to read right now, although again looking at and reading about all your wonderful angels and your wisdom’s and insights, as well as this one…just …helped. I don’t know if you got my convo or not, I hope you didn’t mind it! I kind of blurted out a bunch of stuff to you unsolicited and without you ever speaking to me even once lol! I just felt a very strong need to thank you and to make sure you knew how much your work and wisdoms inspire, move and made me SMILE huh….maybe I DO need to start a blog. Ok, well thanks for letting me blah blah blah to you again, and again… unsolicited. sorry!! my best, tracy

  3. It really is clear that you put this extra thought and energy into your pieces. Another reason it’s great that you’re blogging your process too.

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